Cookbook for the Crest

One of the things I love most about being a writer is learning about new things. One day, I'm researching wedding cakes for Weddingful; the next, I'm learning about UN Security Council Resolution 1325 when profiling a writer from the Women PeaceMakers Program; and today, I'm studying fine cuisine as I work on Prince Rupert's Crest Hotel's cookbook, due out this fall in celebration of the hotel's 50th anniversary.

The cookbook is my first foray into recipe writing, and, despite being perpetually hungry while working on it, I'm loving it!

What makes this cookbook special is that it not only documents the hotel's top-selling platesover the last 50 years, but it provides insight into the history and culture of Prince Rupert. The recipes have been handed down for generations! Some feature delicacies like abalone, which is now on a protected species list and is currently not available, but the recipe is included for historical purposes.

Many of the dishes feature seafood, fished fresh off the shores of Prince Rupert. Among the absolutely divine recipes, you'll find succulent swimming scallops, flavourful beet salad with Parmesan crackling, and perfect cajun-dusted oysters, harvested locally. Now you can see why it's so difficult to work on this book—for hours at a time, I sit in agony going over these mouthwatering recipes, searching for the perfect adjectives to describe these heavenly plates!

Sigh. Live and learn: only write about food after I've already eaten!

Caribou Creative