Increase your exposure with B2B marketing on Facebook, Twitter

In my social media strategy for the Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children (QAF), business-to-business (B2B) marketing prevails on Twitter over Facebook. But some recent RTs and #FFs by businesses got me thinking--why am I not taking advantage of B2B marketing on Facebook? Why is B2B seen as a key strategy on Twitter, but less on Facebook?

On Twitter, B2B marketing is so easy: a quick RT, a short thank you tweet, an @mention. The interaction is fast and forgotten, but your audience has been increased.

The principle remains the same on Facebook: interaction increases exposure.

Bottom line is, B2B marketing is not just for Twitter. Make sure you are taking a few minutes a day to read through the Home feed on your business page. Like a few posts; comment on a few; share a few stories. I find some of my most meaningly interactions on Facebook are with businesses. Take the example in the photo above. That interaction increased my post's exposure exponentially. Boulevard has more followers than QAF (842 to 577), and our interaction meant the name Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children showed up in the feeds of significantly more people than if I hadn't interacted with Boulevard.

Nowadays most organizations and businesses have a person devoted to social media, which means by liking, commenting, retweeting, and @mentioning, I am forming a relationship with a real person, a representative of a business, who can spread my message further than I could on my own. In an earlier time, it was important to form relationships with news and tv editors to get your story out to the public; now it's just as important to forge good relationships with social media staff. Like me, those specialists are likely logged in to social media all day long, meaning we can interact in real time—and help each other out by increasing our audience.

We social media specialists have the power to help each other out. You scratch my back; I'll scratch yours. You share my news; I'll share yours.

Together, we can influence what people consider worthy news. And that's the power of social media.

Caribou Creative