Theatre critiquing and blogging

One reason I was attracted to a career in writing was that it would allow me to relive many of my failed childhood dreams. That sounds rather dark. Let me explain.

Around age 8 to 14, I wanted to be a professional hockey player. That kind of glory was clearly not in the cards, but it was refreshing and invigorating to publish my first feature-length story on playing hockey in a local magazine.

Around age 15-18, I thought I could be a concert violinist, which also turned out not to be in the cards. But now, I blog for the Sooke Philharmonic and have great insight into the experiences of the performers I interview.

While the hockey and violin phases were fleeting, my obsession with being an actor dominated most of my childhood, adolescence, and even adult life until a few years ago. It was only natural, not to mention a clear goal of mine, that I would eventually write for and about the theatre. Over the years, I've enjoyed producing marketing collateral for Victoria Youth Musical Theatre and Black Box Productions, and I am now thrilled to add two more theatre writing gigs to my resume: theatre critic at and theatre blogger for Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre.

Here's my first theatre review, of VOS's Brigadoon.

And here's my first blog for Blue Bridge. I'll be writing weekly blogs for Blue Bridge as their 4th season progresses through the season.

I'm thrilled to be contributing to the theatre arts in Victoria (even if I still kind of wish it were me up there on stage). Enjoy!

Caribou Creative