Victoria's Boulevard Magazine

Despite the fact that the web has been steadily encroaching on the territory of the print industry, magazine publishing in Victoria remains strong and growing. Of all our local magazines – Monday, Boulevard, Y.A.M, Douglas, Island Parent — I've had my eye on Boulevard for a while now. I made it my goal to publish a story with them before the end of 2011.



While I'm still working on getting a story published (I have some ideas... you'll have to wait and see!), I was given the incredible opportunity to copyedit September's issue. I worked with Managing Editor Anne Mullens, learning about Boulevard's editorial style and the innerworkings of a professional, highly esteemed magazine.

There are some terrific stories to watch out for in this issue, so be sure to pick up your free copy out today, August 30! They are available at newspaper stands around town — if you're downtown, the library walkway is a hotspot for local, free publications.


I leave you today with a challenge: I dare you to find a typo in September's (above) issue. I. Dare. You!

Caribou Creative