Wonderful wanderings and whimsical writings

It has been quite a long time since my last post, but I assure you, I was working very hard! I spent a few weeks travelling around Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Guernsey—nay, not for pleasure, but to expand my mind to become a better writer for you, my faithful readers! Ok, there *may* have been a few pleasurable moments in there, and yes, they most certainly all included chocolate.

I digress. Although I've been away enjoying myself, I have also been working on a few stories. The first, a travel piece on Luxembourg, which was a surprise highlight of the trip. I was in Luxembourg city for under 24 hours, but it was long enough to leave a strong impression on me. Luxembourg is magical. I've never thought that about a place before, but it was. It looked so pristine—so tidy and clean, with its light coloured buildings. And the views! The views are spectacular! After a week in very flat, very developed Belgium, it was an absolute delight to see hills and valleys, covered in greenery and gardens, with massive bridges encircling the city. While Luxembourg may seem a bit out of the way, I highly recommend it for a refreshing weekend. I hope to explore my feelings about this tiny country more fully in an article, which I will gladly share with you once it's done!


The second story I am working on is very different from anything else I've ever written and is therefore both exciting and slightly terrifying. I'm researching how people who use sperm banks come to the decision about who will father their babies. So far I've interviewed one couple who is trying to get pregnant, and I have interviews lined up with a few other people who have already had children through sperm banks. Choosing the father is an experience I find intriguing—going through a catalog of men, deciding whose DNA would be best matched with theirs. What do you think? Is that a neat topic? I'll keep you posted on the article's development.

If you were wondering what else I've written in the last month, check in with the A-Life Victoria Travel Blog. Some of my A-Life posts are now appearing on Tourism Victoria's blog, as well! Movin' on up!

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