Change your mind about libraries and take part in an award-winning campaign

Are you adventurous? Creative? Curious? Hungry to learn more?

In my work in communications at the Greater Victoria Public Library, the marketing team wanted to change the conversation about libraries and change individuals’ minds about how libraries meet contemporary needs. We created a personality quiz that “diagnoses” what kind of mind you have — adventurous, creative, curious, hungry and healthy. After the quiz, test-takers receive custom book recommendations and suggestions for e-resources to explore, as well as an invitation to come back to the library and explore how things have changed.

The quiz and the “brains” form the core of the Change Your Mind campaign, which expanded across the library, into physical and virtual spaces and programming, and beyond, even onto 400,000+ coffee sleeves through Serious Coffee cafés across Vancouver Island and over on the Sunshine Coast.

In May 2019, GVPL’s Change Your Mind campaign was awarded the John Cotton Dana Award for excellence in library public relations and marketing, an international prize given by the American Library Association. What an honour and privilege to work on this campaign with a team of brilliant minds.

As we continue to expand the campaign, we strive to live our values and keep changing our own minds about what we think we know about marketing.

Read GVPL’s media release about the campaign.

Jessica Woollard