Jessica Natale Woollard



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I’m a professional writer based in Victoria, BC.


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Storytelling is my specialty, whether I’m writing a feature story or profile for a magazine, or I’m communicating who your business is through persuasive, creative marketing copy.

I enjoy writing stories worthy of a wider audience, stories of incredible people, ideas, and organizations. Stories worth talking about.

When I write, I consider you, my audience, carefully, and I aim to put words together in such a way that you feel something when you read them, feel an emotion or feel differently, and take an action, be it caring about a new cause, changing how you think about a subject, or relating to something in a new way.

Crafting clear, concise, and precise language is my goal every time I sit down to write.



Get to know me — my experience, education, and interests. You’ll get a sense of who I am and what makes me tick.

Learn about the kinds of writing I do and my approach. I also describe what you can expect if we work together.

On my blog I share advice on how people can improve their writing, and I announce interesting projects I have the pleasure of working on.



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